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Warburg Pincus is one of the leading private equity investors in Europe. Since our first European transaction in 1983, the firm has invested more than $7.5B in over 90 companies in 20 European countries . Warburg Pincus has committed as much as $500 million to a single transaction . The firm has one of the largest pools of available private equity capital in Europe and seeks to partner with management teams that are building, transforming or acquiring businesses with the potential to be market leaders with enduring value.
The firm also is one of the leading investors in Central and Eastern Europe. Since 1997, Warburg Pincus has invested more than $1 billion in a variety of sectors including pharmaceuticals, media, telecommunications and information technology in Poland, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania, Slovakia and Russia.
Warburg Pincus was the first U.S. private equity firm to make a commitment to Europe in 1983, followed by the opening of its London office in 1987. With offices in the U.K. and Germany, Warburg Pincus draws upon the expertise of a distinguished group of investment professionals and multi-national advisors in the European community to operate across all geographies on the continent, while leveraging its network of relationships around the world.

The firm's unique, globally-integrated partnership ensures that all of our resources are committed to the success of each portfolio company. Regardless of an investment's stage of development, industry focus or geography — the right people, with the right experience, are available to every entrepreneur and management team.

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