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Warburg Pincus has a proven track record as an investor in the consumer, manufacturing, industrial and services sectors around the world. The firm's focus has been on investments in well-positioned, differentiated businesses with strong free cash flow characteristics and high intrinsic rates of return on capital. Often these companies are market leaders and have the potential for significant organic growth and follow-on acquisition activity.
Our investment philosophy is to partner with and align our interests with management teams to focus on growth and generation of shareholder value. Warburg Pincus is flexible on transaction type and structure and we are comfortable with leading both change in control LBO transactions and highly structured minority investments in public companies.
Working at the Board level as directors, we help our management teams execute strategic plans and achieve business objectives post-investment by providing strategic guidance based on the firm's substantial experience; engaging our global network; leveraging our understanding of the debt and equity markets, and providing access to best practices and synergies from our large base of portfolio companies.

The firm's unique, globally-integrated partnership ensures that all of our resources are committed to the success of each portfolio company. Regardless of an investment's stage of development, industry focus or geography — the right people, with the right experience, are available to every entrepreneur and management team.

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