Electronic Funds Source LLC

Electronic Funds Source LLC (“EFS”) is a leading provider of innovative and customized fleet and corporate payment technology solutions designed specifically to help its customers drive efficiencies and improve bottom line performance. In its fleet solutions segment, EFS provides fleet card and related services to over-the-road transportation customers that use EFS’ payment network to control, track, and manage fuel and other fleet-related expenses. EFS’s fleet card is accepted at its proprietary merchant network, which spans 11,000 merchant locations in North America. EFS also provides corporate payments solutions, including electronic accounts payable and expense management solutions, T&E cards, and private label cards to fleet and non-fleet customers. Led by industry veterans, EFS maintains its commitment to bettering the industry by developing new technology to streamline and automate payments, helping companies grow their businesses while providing industry-changing purchase controls with its unique and integrated offerings. Warburg Pincus first invested in EFS in 2014.