Jinxin Fertility

  • Growth Stage
  • Year of Investment: 2017

Sichuan Jinxin Fertility Company Limited (“Jinxin Fertility”) is an international professional services organization in the field of assisted reproductive technology. The company is committed to building a multidisciplinary and cross-regional reproductive health service system with advanced Gynecology and Obstetrics technology. Through the continuous improvement of success rate and customer experience, Jinxin Fertility provides personalized, reliable and high-valued services to realize the dream of couples looking forward to pregnancy.

Its subsidiaries include Chengdu Xinan, Shenzhen Zhongshan and US-based HRC, which are three assisted reproductive technology centers. The company focuses on providing complete solutions for infertility in China, including fertility evaluation, reproductive surgery, reproductive andrology, traditional Chinese medicine reproduction, recurrent miscarriage, assisted reproduction and other infertility diagnosis and treatment related services. By number of IVF egg retrieval cycles, Jinxin Fertility is ranked second among all types of assisted reproductive institutions in China, outperforming all public hospitals and most non-public hospitals. At the same time, Jinxin Fertility focuses on providing customized assisted reproductive services in the United States to meet various fertility needs. By the number of IVF cycles, the company is ranked third in the USA; and by the success rate, it goes far ahead of all competitors in the USA.