Liepin is a leading online and offline platform which provides job seekers with a variety of tools and solutions to match their talent with attractive career opportunities, and connect them with high-quality headhunters and employers. The company also offers customized talent acquisition services to business customers that allow them to identify and acquire specific talent within its massive candidate base in an efficient and result-driven manner.

Liepin distinguishes itself from its competitors by leveraging technology and a network of headhunters to serve its individual and business users. Through its mobile app, website and branded WeChat official account, the company offers a comprehensive set of talent services via its SaaS solutions, to help businesses acquire talents more effectively, to allow talents to advance their careers, and to incentivize headhunters to facilitate the entire hiring process.
Liepin operates the largest online talent services platform focused on mid- to high-end talents in China, in terms of total revenue in 2017. Its online platform connected approximately 38.9 million registered individual users, 248,600 verified business users and 101,840 verified headhunters as of December 31, 2017.