Outset, based in San Jose, California, is focused on commercializing a novel therapy for patients suffering from end stage renal disease, or kidney failure. The company has developed a hemodialysis system that improves and simplifies the treatment process, thus enabling hemodialysis to be performed in the hospital, in the dialysis clinic, and in the patient’s home in a cost-effective and user-friendly manner. In hospitals, the Outset system, branded Tablo, is easier for nurses to use by the bedside and also more portable than existing systems, making it well-suited for patients transitioning from intensive care. In dialysis centers, Tablo enables patients to take responsibility for many aspects of their dialysis treatment, providing labor cost savings to the provider while increasing patient satisfaction and potentially improving clinical outcomes. The company is also pursuing FDA clearance for Tablo in-home use, further enabling the patient to control his or her own care.

Warburg Pincus led an investment in Outset in 2010 and has continued to provide additional growth capital and ongoing strategic support.