Founded in 2012, Yuanfudao (is the largest online live course platform servicing primary and secondary school students in China. With a paying user base of over 1 million, Yuanfudao offers a comprehensive curriculum spanning from primary school English, Mathematical Olympiad to all-subject courses in secondary school. Its unique online feature and large pool of quality teachers enable students to access live online tutoring at home taught by national renowned teachers, benefiting hundreds of thousands of students across the country.

In addition to the experienced tutoring team, Yuanfudao also excels at curriculum design and research by utilizing existing big data from the company’s other two platforms, Yuantiku (self-practice problem set tool) and Xiaoyuansouti (problem solver search tool). Through its innovative online class format and services, Yuanfudao not only provides students with an interactive and enjoyable learning experience, but also improves results with a high level of attendance and engagement.